Calendar of Events


Meditation / Visualisation Classes

with Ella Moonbridge

Tuesdays Fortnightly at the Clinic

Cancer Day
Weds 27th May 11am - 5 pm

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Please note:
Reception Times
Monday  10am - 3pm
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 9am - 1pm  then 2pm - 5pm
Friday 10am - 3pm
 Reception is closed on Saturdays
Treatments are available on Saturdays & Evenings by appointment.
       Payment is by cash or cheque only, no credit cards accepted.

A cancellation fee of £20 will be charged for a missed appointment

if less than 24 hours notice is given.


We are looking for a Part Time Beauty Therapist to work in the clinic

Please contact reception for details.


Cancer Day

Wednesday 27th May - 11am - 5pm

at Horam Natural Therapy Centre
This day will be focussed on talking to and helping people

who have Cancer or have had Cancer in the past.  
The experiences of people with Cancer and the feelings of close
family & friends and helping them to make sense of it .
also offering support to someone who is on their ownwith no family to turn to.
Galit Hughes Acupuncturist & Bob Walton Counsellor
both work with Macmillan Cancer Patients
 will be in the clinic to offer help & advice.
Lin Bridgeford Osteopath & Kinesiologist  
& Ella Moonbridge Hypnotherapist will also be available
on the day for any questions you may have.

Galit 11am - 1pm      Bob  2pm - 4pm
     Lin  2pm - 5pm        Ella 10am - 12.30
If you would like to pop in for a chat or
even book a slot to talk in private please call the Clinic.

Gentle Exercice Classes for the over 50's

Tuesdays 11 am - 12pm  in Heathfield

Please call the Clinic and speak to Pauline for details.


Meditation / Visualisation Classes with Ella Moonbridge

Tuesdays fortnightly 11am - 12.30pm   Cost: £7

Please call to book as spaces are limited.

Phone the Clinic for further information on all

Courses , Treatments & Wellbeing Days

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We offer a natural and holistic approach to healthcare, working with all aspects of a person’s being including mind, body and spirit as well as environmental, psychosocial and nutritional aspects of health.


At the centre we have a friendly team of practitioners, bringing together the different therapies under one roof, promoting health and personal development through treatments, workshops and courses.

We aspire to the highest standards in natural healthcare and ensure that all the therapies are provided by fully trained and professionally qualified practitioners.

The centre supports integrated healthcare, encouraging conventional and complementary approaches to work together for the benefit of patients. The practitioners will be able to advise specifically about the suitability of treatments and liaise with your GP or other health professional whenever necessary.

Within the reception area we have a range of carefully selected products for healthcare and well-being that have been recommended by the practitioners.

The centre provides a relaxed and harmonious environment with four purpose built therapy rooms, a reception area, access for the disabled and easy parking.

We are happy to send you further information about any of the therapies or arrange for one of our practitioners to call you back.

Therapies Available at the Clinic

Acupuncture - Acupressure Massage - Allergy Testing QXCI - Applied Kinesiology 

Aromatherapy - Beauty Treatments - Bodytalk - Bowen Technique - Chiropody

 Colour Healing - Counselling - Cranial Sacral Therapy -  Crystal Therapy - Deep Tissue Massage

Emotional Freedom Technique - Higher Dimensional Healing -  Holistic Healing - Homeopathy

Hypnotherapy - Indian Head Massage - Kinesiology - Life Coaching

Mickel Therapy - NAET Allergy Testing - NLP- Osteopathy

  Physiotherapy - Re-Birthing - Reflexology - Reiki

Setsukido - Shiatsu - Smoking Cessation - Sports Remedial Massage - Symbol Healing

Thai Massage - Therapeutic Massage - Visceral Manipulation

Horam Natural Therapy Centre

Whatleys House, High Street

Horam, Heathfield, TN21 0EL

Telephone: 01435 812997