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Charlotte Nathan
Session: £40/ 1 hour
Couples: £55 / 1 hour 30mins
Concessions available
Thurs .2 - 7.30pm + Flexible hours.
Charlotte Nathan
When Life seems a struggle, maybe due to relationship difficulties, pressure at home or work, a bereavement, your weight, health or phobias or maybe due to a whole combination of things - Counselling can help. It can also help with longer term issues - events which happened in the past which are still affecting you.

Though well meaning, friends and family are sometimes too involved to be able to help, or they may be under pressure themselves. At times like this a trained and experienced Counsellor can provide you with an opportunity to talk confidentially, uninterrupted and without criticism. Charlotte holds a diploma in counselling and has been in practice for seven years. She will listen, help you explore your feelings, work out what's really troubling you and how you want to continue. As BT says "It's good to talk"- especially to someone who wants to listen, help and understand.
There is no charge for the first session. Your enquiries are welcome.
Horam Natural Therapy Centre
High Street, Horam, Nr Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 0EL. Tel: 01435 812997