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Diana Savil

DIana Savil

Meditation classes
Tarot Reading
Channelled Guidance
Ascended Master Healing
I have been leading meditation groups for over 20 years. Our twice monthly meditations offer a peaceful start to the week.
I have been practising Reiki for 16 years, and have been teaching it for 10. A Reiki treatment is beneficial for a wide range of physical conditions and symptoms, and can also bring harmony to the mental and emotional levels.
For more information on Reiki visit:
My Tarot Readings offer clarity, insight and inspiration, bringing understanding to the bigger picture. I do not make predictions, but offer tools of empowerment which enable to client to create the future of their choice.
I have been working with Tarot and other Divination Cards for over 25 years.
I offer Spiritual and personal guidance, Channelled from the Ascended Masters. For more information on this visit:
I also work with the Violet Flame Chakra ( Signed copies of my book “Awakening the Flame – Igniting Your Potential through the Power of the Violet Flame Chakra” are available from the Clinic.